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Kumquat - Jeff Strand I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 stars. Jeff Strand is legend when it comes to the horror comedy combo. In his latest novel he checks his horror at the door and gives a full onslaught of comedy in a consistently well told story. It's not random one liner humor. There is a great story here. The humor is really just a bonus to a well told romance story.

Yes, I said romance. Normally romance of any kind makes me nauseous or at the very least gives me acid reflux or makes me throw up on South Park Wendy but the comedy to romance ratio was about 20:1 here so I was willing to let it slide although I still dropped half a star out of principle. Sorry Jeff.

Read this book. At least do yourself the favor of downloading the free sample and then read it because you'll be so enraptured by the quality of the comedy and/or romantic elements of the story that you cannot restrain yourself from finishing it.

If you don't care for the sample I will personally refund you the cost of that sample, including shipping and handling.

Highly recommended to Jeff Strand fans as well as anyone else out there with even a moderately respectable sense of humor.