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Echoes - Michael Bray First of all, check the cover art on this one. There's some crazy Clive Barker shit going on there. It's worth downloading just to zoom in.

I enjoyed the novel enough to finish in a couple days and thought it was a real page-turner. I'm a big fan of the first book in this series but when I compare the two this one is lacking. The story itself was very good but some of the dialogue was clunky and the writing as a whole was subpar compared to book 1. I only came across 2 or 3 typos but the prose often struck me as a rough draft. It wasn't done incorrectly but it could have been done better. It seemed rushed and not nearly as polished as the author is capable of delivering.

I didn't explain that very well which is perhaps why I'm not an editor. Story - 4+ stars. Writing - 2.5 stars.