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Whisper - Michael Bray I received this novel from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review. Special thanks to Michael Bray for writing it and Graeme Reynolds for promoting it. This was a straight up, no shit, kick ass ghost story that far exceeded my expectations. The mixture of supernatural horror as well as horror of the more natural, human variety was impressively executed. I'd give this a PG-13 rating so if you are turned off by the splatterpunk horror stuff, you have no worries here. It was brilliant atmospheric horror with the absence of excessive violence, gore, sex, and all the other more hardcore elements that tend to come with a horror package. Personally I love all that depravity within the genre but WHISPER should still freak you out to some extent and I found the whole story to be practically un-put-downable.

Let's face it. Most ghost stories are rehashes of older ghost stories and they all tend to be the same. This one broke the mold and "had me at hello" (or had me at "whisper".) It was unique, authentic, and re-readable.

I highly recommend this to all my friends at Horror Aficionados and any other horror fans that burned out on ghost stories and are fixing for a fresh take.

Enthusiastic five stars.