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MILK-BLOOD - Mark  Matthews, Elderlemon Design, Richard   Thomas I don't think I'm out of line calling this book Ketchumesque. Fan's of Jack Ketchum probably know what I'm talking about but for the rest of you - both authors write about things that can be found in the newspaper on any given day. There are no zombies or vampires. Those are the things we read about when we want to escape the realities of the 'no-shit-this-is-happening-right-now' horror.

Milk-Blood is newspaper horror. It has no need for such fantastical creatures. This is one of the most powerful novels I have read this year and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they can handle it. That is a disclosure to cover my own ass. Reading two or more Mark Matthews novels in a row may result in clinical depression so I only ask that you tread carefully while still encouraging you to read and reflect.

Highly recommended reality horror.