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Blood Tells True
Alan Ryker
Guide to the Foothills Trail
The Foothills Trail Conference
Under the Overtree
James A. Moore
Richard Bachman, Stephen King
Violet Eyes
John Everson
Alan Ryker
The Foothills Trail Conference
James A. Moore
Richard Bachman, Stephen King
John Everson
May 2015
The only book about writing craft I've read is Stephen King's On Writing. I plan to stop there.
August 2014
reviewed: Burden Kansas
Blood sucking creatures of the nightNocturnal spectre hiding from the lightCries screaming out every frightEagerly awaiting p...
Burden Kansas - Alan Ryker
August 2014
reviewed: Fuckness
Five stars for the author's constant, repetitive use of the word fuckness throughout the novel... Novella... whatever all ...
Fuckness - Andersen Prunty
reviewed: Dastardly Bastard
I recently read Lorn's [b:Cruelty: Episode One|18627784|Cruelty Episode One (Cruelty #1)|Edward Lorn|https://d.gr-assets.com...
Dastardly Bastard - Edward Lorn
reviewed: Hide and Seek
Four stars for the story. Five for the author's afterword which was mind-blowingly similar to a personal experience. I'm go...
Hide and Seek - Jack Ketchum
August 2014
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reviewed: The Abominable
This has a wealth of low ratings with the main complaint seeming to be the ridiculously slow pacing. It is a valid complaint...
The Abominable - Dan Simmons
August 2014
reviewed: Survival Games
Unbelievable protagonist - her behavior in general. Basically torture porn without a deeper meaning. The writing was acceptab...
Survival Games - J.E. Taylor
August 2014
reviewed: MILK-BLOOD
I don't think I'm out of line calling this book Ketchumesque. Fan's of Jack Ketchum probably know what I'm talking about but...
MILK-BLOOD - Mark  Matthews, Elderlemon Design, Richard   Thomas
August 2014
reviewed: Rage
An all time favorite. The dialogue from start to finish is brilliant. I read this story in [b:The Bachman Books|10617|The B...
Rage - Richard Bachman, Stephen King
July 2014
reviewed: Seven Forges
A pretty straight forward fantasy read but not exceptional IMHO. I'm familiar with Moore in the world of horror and the quali...
Seven Forges - James A. Moore
July 2014
reviewed: The Damage Done
This was an excellent short read that depressed the hell out of me and I don't think I could ever read it again. Highly reco...
The Damage Done - Mark Matthews
July 2014
reviewed: Biters - The Reborn
I received a free copy from Mr. Talley in exchange for an honest review. He's cool like that.We have two books here by two d...
Biters - The Reborn - Harry Shannon, Brett J. Talley
July 2014
reviewed: Half a King
This had that Abercrombie trademark proverbial prose and was worth reading but I gotta go with 3.5 stars when I compare it to...
Half a King - Joe Abercrombie
July 2014
reviewed: The Rats
I wanted some old school, campy horror and I got what I was looking for. The title alone was a no-brainer for fixing that ur...
The Rats - James Herbert
reviewed: Stolen Prey
Pretty much the same as all his other books but I keep coming back for more. And will continue to do so.
Stolen Prey - John Sandford
reviewed: Psycho II
I knew in advance that Bloch wrote this primarily as a big "fuck you" to the movie industry but despite that, or perhaps beca...
Psycho II - Robert Bloch
reviewed: Midnight Rain
I'll try to review this without mentioning [b:Boy's Life|11553|Boy's Life|Robert McCammon|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/13143...
Midnight Rain - James Newman
reviewed: Satanic Summer
3.5 stars. Dark, witty, and well written but I keep comparing all of Prunty's books to [b:The Sorrow King|10156063|The Sorro...
Satanic Summer - Andersen Prunty