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The Shuddering

The Shuddering - Ania Ahlborn This was a classic kick-ass people-being-hunted-by-monsters-in-a-secluded-environment kind of story. Not quite on par with [b:Seed|11422798|Seed|Ania Ahlborn|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1305997493s/11422798.jpg|16356035], but how do you beat that action?

When Lauren died I couldn't prohibit a comedic interpretation. The way she was all bundled up with the scarf around her face, she reminded me of Kenny from South Park, so of course, when she was torn apart and eaten by Others, my mind went straight to "Oh my God! They Killed Lauren!"

Yes, this is sick and twisted but before you judge, there is a high point - Lauren will be back in the next episode, alive and well, ready to be torn apart all over again :P