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Vacation - Matthew J. Costello Most of the reviews here refer to this as a zombie novel, labeling the antagonists as zombies. It boggles my mind because there are no zombies in this book. Perhaps people have trouble imagining a post-apocalyptic story that doesn't include zombies.

What we have here are Can-Heads. Living humans who have resorted to cannibalism as a result of a global food storage. Please note the difference between the living and the undead.

I enjoyed this short story of the same title in The Best of Cemetery Dance Vol. II and recently found out it had been extended to novel length. The short story was excellent. The novel, while still enjoyable, deviated from the original version and by comparison was a bit disappointing. The ending in the short story was part of what made it awesome and that was totally changed in the novel version.

My two main thoughts on the novel:

1) Longer does not mean better. It just means longer.

2) Don't fuck with a great ending.